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High Speed Internet - Wireless
High Speed
Put some life back into your Internet connection with CVC Internet's Broadband Wireless!
CVC Internet, LLC's Internet line is running on 45Mb/s Internet line. 
"Always On" Internet Connection - No Busy Signals!
Fast Upload and Download Speeds
Reliable & Secure Internet Access
No Phone Line, Modem, or CSU/DSU Needed
Affordable High Speed Access
Wireless Services starting at $15.00/month
Ideal for Commercial Internet Usage
Remote LAN Access & Virtual Private Network Compatible
Great for Personal Internet Usage
Online Education, Research, Shopping, Financial Services, Videos

Benefits of CVC's Wireless Internet
Imagine fast Internet access with no busy signals or disconnections. CVC's Broadband Wireless Internet eliminates the need for any dedicated phone lines, and therefore reduces your costs while providing data rates much better than modems.  CVC Internet's Broadband Wireless supports bandwidth intensive applications such as graphic rich media, animation, Internet phone calls, online banking, investing and shopping, faster and more productive than ever before.

Always On Connection
Another valuable feature of CVC Internet's Broadband Wireless is the "Always On" Internet connection - the connection is always available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  When you click on your browser or e-mail icon, you're online with no delays and no waiting for a free phone line or Internet connection.  

Static IP Address
A Static IP gives you the convenience of knowing that every time you connect to the Internet, you're using the same address every time you're online. This allows you to utilize special functions such as: Virtual Private Network and Local Area Network (commercial accounts), Internet Phone Calls,run Web, Mail, or FTP Servers (commercial accounts), and use Top-Notch Firewall Programs. 

System Requirements     
Wireless Equipment     
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Each additional gigabyte
of traffic is $25/month

Residential / Basic

Up to 3Mb/s Service
3 GB's of Traffic
at $44.95/month
Up to 3Mb/s Service
5 GB's of Traffic
at $84.95/month

Up to 3Mb/s Service
10 GB's of Traffic 
at $165/month

Remote Broadcast Rental available for special events.  CVC Internet can provide remote Broadband Wireless by the day, weekend, or by the week.  Please contact CVC Internet at or call (541) 884-5488 for more information.

Organization Network set-up and maintenance are available.  Please contact CVC Internet for more information.

Wireless Service Plans Month-to-Month
and 2 Yr. Plan
and 2 Yr. Plan
and 2 Yr. Plan
Dedicated IP Address
Ideal for remote access to the website, as well as for security services and specialized software applications for the website.
FHSS Technology
Frequency Hopping Technology provides reliable and secure Broadband Internet access.
99.9% Uptime
Uptime of the Broadband Internet services since 1996.
E-mail Accounts 7 14 28
Alias E-mail
Allows you have additional e-mail addresses which feed into one of the main e-mail accounts.
7 14 28
Your choice of Mail Server Hosting
Secure Web E-mail
CVC Internet's Web E-mail program that allows you check e-mail anywhere, anytime securely.  Program is web-based so it doesn't require set-up.
E-mail Forwarding
Forwards e-mail from one mail account to another.  Ideal for users that have multiple e-mail addresses but only want to check one mailbox for messages.
Customized automatic message that is sent to e-mail correspondents when they sent e-mail to a mailbox that is set with auto-response.  Ideal for users that are on vacation.
Spam & Virus Filtration
Filters junk e-mail and viruses from e-mail accounts.
Catch-All Addresses
CVC Internet's mail server captures e-mail that is incorrectly addressed by correspondents, and delivers the e-mail to the correct mail account.
Online Discussions Groups
Business Listing on
A free business listing linked to your website, will be placed in which is an Online Klamath County Business Directory & Service Guide.


Operating System Requirements

- Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP, 2000, ME, NT, 98, 95
- Pentium or Higher Processor
- 100 Mz. or Higher Processor Speed
- Minimum of 32 MB's of RAM
- 50 MB's of Hard Disk Space

High Speed

Wireless Equipment

- BreezeNet Pro.11 - PCMCIA/ISA Card or SA 10 Radio
  (System requirements apply.  No substitutions.)
- 24 Dbm Antenna (2.4 Ghz. Band, no substitutions).
- Coax, Mast, Pigtail & Vapor Wrap
- Lightening Arrestor

Equipment Financing Available. Please contact CVC Internet for details!

Wireless Equipment - Installation fees vary.  For more information please contact CVC Internet.  If you choose to install the equipment, you will be responsible for installation, configuration, and any problems that may arise from self installation. 

Software Set-up - Basic software set-up includes: Configuration of the ISA adapter card (Windows), installation of the PCMCIA card or SA 10 radio, installation of a firewall program and browser/e-mail configurations.  Set-up fees vary.  For more information please contact CVC Internet.  If you choose to perform the software installation/configuration, you will be responsible for the complete software set-up and any problems that may arise from self installation/set-up.  For more information regarding CVC Internet's Wireless Internet services, please call (866) 877-1188 (8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday, P.S.T.) or e-mail

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